A Lakeshore where the Artistic Dice Are Cast

The visual experience of anyone who allows their gaze to sweep across the Millstättersee’s placid southern shore is bound to be abruptly interrupted. Whether by a geometric triumvirate, a few randomly cast dice, or a simple “like” is a matter of individual interpretation.

Upon closer inspection, these geometric peculiarities reveal themselves to be temporary artists’ homes of conspicuously purist design. A cube for painting. Another cube tilted towards the lakeshore that might evoke an urge to rescue it, like art itself. And a pentagon, whose balanced acoustics alone virtually predestine it for music.

soart artists-in-residence—realized after plans by Prof. Hans Hollein—provides selected Austrian and international artists with the opportunity to enjoy up to six weeks of inspired summertime creativity in an atelier by the lake, amidst nature’s own rhythms.

The artists are selected together with curator Edek Bartz, himself both an internationally esteemed artist and a cultural manager. Raised in Kazakhstan, Bartz is active as a musician and author, has taught at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and was most recently director of the art fair Viennafair.

Works from the South Shore 2011–2020

Alessandro Del Pero
Michele Di Menna
Martin Jackson
Miriam Jung
Katrin Plavcak
Philipp Reitsam
Anna Schachinger
Andreas Werner
Jongsuk Yoon

Pauline Beaudemont
Clementine Coupau
Jennifer Gelardo
Malika Fankha
Rui Miguel Leitao Ferreira
Klara Paterok
Teresa Präauer
Stefan Reiterer
Anne-Clara Stahl
Stefanie de Vos

Bernhard Frue
Sabine Gruber
Katharina Höglinger
Tina Lechner
Angelika Loderer
Alastair MacKinven
Mieze Medusa (Doris Mitterbacher)
Anne Speier
Camila Sposati
Christina Zurfluh

Ovidiu Anton
Böhler & Orendt, Matthias Böhler und Christian Orendt
Verena Dengler
David Fesl
Lydia Haider
Katharina Huemer
Tonio Schachinger
Edin Zenun

Benjamin Butler
Jozsef Csato
Cornelia Hülmbauer
Ernst Yohji Jäger
Stanislava Kovalcikova
Barbi Markovic
Ursula Mayer
Robert Muntean
Stefanie Sargnagel

Louisa Gagliardi
Eiko Gröschl
Elisabeth Kihlstrom
Stanislava Kovalcikova
Spencer Russell Lewis
Caitlin Lonegan
Lukas Meschik
Sissa Micheli
Georg Petermichl
Thomas Riess
Tex Rubinowitz

46° 48´ N, 13° 35´ O

These coordinates take one directly to the south shore of the Millstättersee, where Prof. Hans Hollein’s Art Cubes were constructed to stimulate critical examination of architecture. One cube for painters, a second, slightly tilted cube for sculptors, and a pentagon with a pyramidal roof for musicians or writers.

Viewed from the water and from the opposite shore, these cubes invoke a significant silhouettes-like function against their topographic backdrop and serve by night as lighthouses of sorts for art’s adventurers thanks to their translucent façades.

Soart artists-in-residence offers artists a chance to engage in inspired creativity amidst peaceful surroundings over multiple-week periods during the summer months. The Art Cubes are divided into multiple levels and feature floor space of between 50 and 100 m².

Each of their integrated apartments includes a double bed, a kitchen unit, a washing machine, and Wi-Fi. Out at the dock, small electric boats are provided that allow one to reach Millstatt within 10 minutes. This residency is only suitable for good swimmers. Invitations apply exclusively to the artists themselves, with other individuals permitted only upon prior written approval.


soart GmbH
Thomas-Klestil-Platz 3
1030 Vienna
VAT-ID: ATU59065745

Gänsbachergasse 2
1110 Vienna