An Idea, Ground Up into Art

A bankrupt sausage factory, 1.2 million Austrian schillings, a steel construction on the roof, quirky owners, and a wine-inspired idea: it was these ingredients that gave rise to the “artist’s kitchen”. And the underlying intent is for art to arise here in ways that are just as unplanned and crazy.

The bankrupt business was the Spitzauer-Weiser sausage factory directly off Vienna’s Südosttangente autobahn, the steel construction was one of the first billboard stands used by the Megaboard company, the quirky owners were quirky, and the wine-inspired idea arose between Erwin Soravia and the artist Fabio Zolly.

In order to rescue the recently placed billboard stands atop the bankrupt sausage factory, Erwin Soravia bought the entire building from the bankruptcy assets. The cold stores were soon leased, but what to do with the former cafeteria? It was obvious: the artist’s kitchen—spaces that could be made available to artists for extended periods.

This idea really did require a few glasses of wine. It proved successful, however, and the years that followed witnessed the creation of working ateliers for five artists that played host to the birth of numerous interesting, brilliant, and provocative works and projects.

Works from the Devil’s Kitchen

Gino Alberti
Stefanie De Vos
Maureen Kaegi
Dariusz Kowalski
Martin Pohl
Thomas Riess
Misha Stroj
Lois Weinberger
Gerlind Zeilner
Fabio Zolly


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