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On the southern shore of lake Millstättersee, across from the town of Millstatt, visitors will find a cluster of geometrical structures which lay as though they were scattered by a giant hand! There lays a cube for a painter, a slightly tilted cube for a sculptor, a pentagon with a polygonal pyramid for the musician, and, perhaps, as of next year, a cylindrical tower for a poet. In addition, the lakeside Lido restaurant's reclining cone also forms part of the ensemble.

During the day, the eyes of viewers on the water and on the opposite shore, will be captured by the significant silhouette of the buildings against the green background. At night the elementary shapes and translucent facades turn into luminous bodies reflected in the water. The artist residences were designed by the architect Hans Hollein according to the ideas by Erwin and Marion Soravia:

"Artists in Residence" will be open to artists for periods of 4-6 weeks during summertime and provide them with the opportunity for an inspired creative spell at the lakeside studios. The adjacent restaurant and a swimming jetty with three boats, which are available to the artists, complete the facilities.

The  Lido restaurant, the artists’ residences and the immediate surroundings are designed to create synergy and provide an additional architectural attraction for the entire area.

Hans Hollein, May 2011