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Drago Persic
(Curriculum Vitae)


A stage-like world with its implied drama. To deal with black pigments is uniquely difficult. At the same time this minimal palette simplifies things for me, so I can just focus on shadows, on the search for form. The lights reconfigure the world by night and the space surrounding the detached object remains an Unbestimmtheitsstelle. The freestanding objects are isolated so that they are no longer recognizable as more than
snippets from actual life. A drama that is very close to abstractness.
Atonal and like a section of a night sky, the objects develop next to each other very different compositions with its constelativ structures. Photographic and filmic references play quite a large, sometimes an unconscious role. The work of Henri Alekan or Karl Blossfeldt is also very important to me, as is the Danish painter Vilhelm Hamershøi.


Drago Persic